Baptism of our Lord, Baptism is IMPORTANT!

Baptism is IMPORTANT! First Sunday After the Epiphany Year A Old Testament    Isaiah 42:1-9 New Testament   Acts 10:34-43 Gospel                   Matthew 3:13-17 Click on this link for an Audio only version.  

Jesus’ Baptism Is Important

  Old Testament   Isaiah 43:1-7 Psalm                   Psalm 29:1-11 New Testament  Acts 8:14-17 Gospel                  Luke 3:15-22   The story of Jesus’ baptism must be important.  It is one of few stories that are contained in all four gospels.  … [Read more…]

The Greatest Resource, Often Goes Unused

Audio Link Acts 17:22–31 1 Peter 3:13–22 John 14:15–21 These days we often hear about conserving our resources.  Stay with renewable resources.  Only use what we have the most of and conserve the rest.  When God created the heavens and the earth, God gave dominion over the earth to humanity.  This was first to Adam … [Read more…]