Spiritual Gifts: What Does God Want Me to Do with My Life? & Who Am I?

Adapted from the, “Discovering God’s Vision For Your Life, You and Your Spiritual Gifts.” By Kenneth C. Haugk. Part 1 of 4. Ephesians 4:11a (NRSV) Ephesians 4:12-13 (NRSV) Matthew 5:13a (NRSV) Matthew 5:14a (NRSV) Matthew 7:7-11 (NRSV) Romans 12:6a (NRSV) 1 Peter 4:10 (NRSV)   Click here for the audio only version.   Module 1, … [Read more…]

Walk in the Light and Be Salt

Audio Link 1 Kings 3:5–12 Psalm 119:129–136 Romans 8:26–39 Matthew 5:13-16 Matthew 13:31-33 Matthew 13:44-52 For the last week I was engaged in a community of Christian believers.  We are known as the Butterfly People.  We are challenged to be a changed people, breaking out of our old-self, coming out of darkness and into the … [Read more…]