Grace vs. Law, Wedding Feast

When I began to study the Gospel reading for today, I first said to myself,”hey, this is an easy lesson. Everyone will get this. It’s obvious that heaven is where the banquet is and we have been invited, yet some will refuse.” End of sermon, right? I always have to laugh when I see how … [Read more…]

Ecumenical News International

Ecumenical News InternationalNews Highlights28 September 2011 Lutheran pastor appointed dean of Anglican cathedral in Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba (ENI)–In a historic move, the Anglican diocese ofRupert’s Land appointed a Lutheran pastor, the Rev. Paul Johnson, asdean of the diocese and incumbent for St. John’s Cathedral in Winnipeg,reports the Anglican Journal. This is the first time a … [Read more…]

LCMS to check qualifications before Chaplin to provide service am glad Jesus never qualified those he would minister to. LCMS as Chaplains in the military will “Harrison said LCMS chaplains would provide word and sacrament ministry to Lutherans in uniform “on a case-by-case basis.”

Need money for Seminary?

Going to Seminary is expensive. On top of that, finding a scholarship can be really difficult. That’s why I was so excited to find this Seminary Scholarship website today. Not only are they giving away a $1,000.00 scholarship and a digital theological library, all I had to do to apply was watch a short video … [Read more…]

God is all around us

As I began to write this sermon, I had one thing in mind butlike it often happens, God had another thing in mind.  I had planned on letting everyone here knowthat I was going to be leaving to attend Wartburg Seminary for the next fiveand a half weeks, studying Greek.  However,it would appear that I … [Read more…]

Scholarship Opportunity for Seminary

Tell your friends about, and if they win the scholarship, SO DO YOU! Simply have them enter your name in the “how’d you hear about the scholarship” box. If they are selected as the scholarship winner, we’ll give you both a $1,000.00 scholarship and a copy of the Logos Bible Software: Scholar’s Library. That … [Read more…]