Approach to Think About Understanding the Christian Message

There are several things I do to come to a deeper understanding of the Christian message. Some of the resources I use the most consist of: the reading of scripture, devotionals and prayer. I have also enjoyed conversation generated from readings assigned in the classes I have taken, as well as conversation over scripture. Anytime … [Read more…]

Justification and Justice, my understanding

Justification from a Christian perspective is the act of becoming right, or being made righteous by God.  Jesus Christ accomplished this when he died upon the cross.  However, Justification is not simply an act that has been done, but is an ongoing process in which the Holy Spirit along with the Father and the Son … [Read more…]

Irresistible Grace, Is it?

If the Grace of God is irresistible, how should we receive it, if we even choose to accept and receive this irresistible grace?  Paul was a contemptible person, out to kill Jews. He was some of the worst of the worst of people. There was no way that Paul deserved the grace that was given … [Read more…]