Rough Times at such a Wonderful Time

This last week, I received news that a friend that attended Diakonia with me, was diagnosed with cancer. That really was a blow. She has a wonderful disposition, and continues it even now. She came through surgery well, and so far has a clean bill of health. I don’t always understand “WHY”, bad things happen. … [Read more…]

Uncomfortable – Love your neighbor

Well, you know it is time to leave a church, when you get your stomach all in knots, just thinking about going there. Then when you are there, your whole attitude changes. Then when you run into people that have hurt you, you want to forgive, but have problems fully doing so. Humans have a … [Read more…]

It is hard to keep on going

This has been a very stressful last seven days. I sit on a Church council that is really having not only a troubled time with finances, but just with relationships. Any little thing sets people off. We have only one secretary, who has been working 40-45 hrs a week, but getting paid for 30! Money, … [Read more…]